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  Accreditation 2007
Updated October 17, 2007, 2007

The 10 member accreditation team will be on the CSM campus October 23, 24, and 25, 2007.  Please click here to learn who the team members are, when the Open Forums and Exit Report will take place, and what the latest information is.

College of San Mateo cordially welcomes the ACCJC accreditation visiting team from October 22-25, 2007. We invite the team members, the entire CSM community, and the San Mateo Community College District to read our Institutional Self Study for Reaffirmation of Accreditation 2007.

Self Study Report (Final)

Download the Self Study Report in its entirety (in .pdf)
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Institutional Self Study 2007 (Before printing, please note this document is 360 pages.)

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Table of Contents
Institutional Self Study 2007 (Before printing, please note this document is 360 pages.)

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Table of Contents

Certification of the Self Study Report pp. 1-2

Introduction to College of San Mateo: History & Mission, Vision, Values, and Diversity Statements pp. 3-6

College/District Organization: District Chart, College Charts, Function Map, External Audit Information
pp. 7-32

Demographics/Student Achievement Data/Distance Learning pp. 33-58

Student Learning Outcomes pp. 59-60

Organization of the Self Study: Committee Membership & Timeline pp. 61-70

Certification of Continued Compliance with Eligibility Requirements pp. 71-76

Abstract Based on Themes pp. 77-88

Responses to 2001 Recommendations
pp. 89-96

Standard I: Institutional Mission and Effectiveness
pp. 97-124

Standard II.A: Instructional Programs pp. 125-164

Standard II.B: Student Support Services
pp. 165-200

Standard II.C: Library and Learning Support Services
pp. 201-216

Standard III.A: Human Resources
pp. 217-242

Standard III.B: Physical Resources
pp. 243-260

Standard III.C: Technology Resources
pp. 261-278

Standard III.D: Financial Resources
pp. 279-302

Standard IV.A: Decision-Making Roles and Processes
pp. 303-316

Standard IV.B: Board and Administrative Organization
pp. 317-356

Planning Agenda pp. 357-359

References and Resources   Current Information

CSM Mission Statement - Vision and Values


Standards Committee Members

Data from Surveys   Timeline
CSM Accreditation Reference Materials
  Accreditation Committee Members College & Selected Committees
  Timeline Expanded Style Sheet
  Writing and Format of Self Study Adminitrative Offices
  Titles at CSM General Comments
  Accreditation Standards "Match" (Old Standards to New Standards)

Accreditation Newsletters - Updates

Committee Workspace
Standard I
Standard II A
bullet Standard II B
WASC Accreditation Standards   bullet Standard II C
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  2001 Facilities Master Plan Capital Improvement Plan Update
  CSM Strategic Plan 2006-2008 Final Report College Goals 2005-2006
  CSM Implementing Shared Governance 1993 CSM Enrollment Management Plan 2004-05
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  CSM Enrollment Management Committee Working Plan 3/06
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