Using the Phone and Voice Mail System

xPressions Phone

Voice Mail

For the majority of users, voicemail is now part of Office 365.  You will receive a copy of incoming voice messages in your email inbox.  Attached to the email will be a sound file (.wav format) that you can listen to on your computer.
You can also listen to the voice messages on your district phone by selecting the “Mailbox” button or by dialing extension x7411 (650 378-7411)


For users still receiving voicemail from Xpressions:

  • To enter your voicemail from on campus, dial 7300
  • To enter your voicemail from off campus, dial (650) 378-7300
  • If you forgot your default password, contact ITS

Additional Resources

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Client Applications

Telephone Video Tutorial
These are quick video clips to demonstrate how to use your phone.

Telephone Quick Reference Guide
This is a quick reference for common tasks you do within Xpressions voicemail. [*]

Xpressions Quick Telephone Guide
This is a quick reference of the features of your new phone. [*]

Xpressions Decision Tree
This is a visual display of the audio menu you hear when dialing into your voicemail. [*]

[*]Provided to you during training