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Record 1855/1929
The Village Mural -- Room 18-112 The Village Mural came about as a collaboration between four clubs: The Umoja, Puente, Polynesian and Fine Arts club. The first three clubs are part of the on-going student success initiative at CSM. Studies have shown that traditionally under-represented groups do much better at college when they have on-going support and services. Therefore, two rooms were set aside for these clubs to meet and study. One room, where the mural is, in set up like a living room and kitchen. Students can gather there to socialize, rest, watch TV, and have a meal from the fully stocked kitchen. The adjacent room, accessible through the door at the right end of the mural, is the computer lab with printers and small meeting rooms for study. The Fine Arts club met once a week for the entire fall 2014 semester with the other three clubs to hear from them what they would like the mural to be. It turned out that the mural was to show the history, including struggles, of African Americans, Latino Americans and Polynesian Americans. This was quite a challenge, since each group had at least twenty important elements that they wanted in the mural. Nevertheless, the Fine Arts Club did an amazing job and designed a 9' x 26' mural that included all of their requests. The rest of the school year was spent drawing and painting the mural, which I estimate took at least 3,000 hours. The students who participated in this project were Tom Dude, Hannah Martinez, Teresa Emery and Parvin Falahpour. Rebecca Alex (Advisor to the CSM Fine Arts Club) 2010s
The Village Mural -College Heights campus: CSM since 1963 -Copyright: College of San Mateo
The Village Mural

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