Human Resources Information

Requesting accommodations

The District understands that returning to in-person work may present challenges for certain employees.  Managers will work with employees with extraordinary circumstances to evaluate alternatives that allow flexibility for employees while meeting District business needs.

Medical-Related Issues

For those employees who have a medical-related issue, they should contact the District Human Resources Office by completing a request form here to begin an interactive process. 

Additionally, a full explaination of the Reasonable Accommodation for Employees with Disabilities process can be found here  .  An overview view can also be accessed here.

Non-Medical Issues

For non-medical accommodation requests, employees should first speak with their supervisors to discuss their circumstances and requests.

Mental Health Services

Employees and students are encouraged to seek professional medical care if they are experiencing conditions that impact their mental health.  The District offers services through Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which can be accessed at  Further, students and employees can also access Talk Now through Timely MD.