Updating Student Forms content

  The following tutorial demonstrates how to upload files to Sharepoint, and how to update links on the Student Forms page through OmniUpdate. There are two branches to this tutorial. Scroll to the relevant section below.   Replacing a file If … Continued

Create a new page

Creating new pages has been made easy! When you create a new page, you’ll get to choose a new template, and your page will already start with a navigation panel and styles to make your page fit in with the rest … Continued

Edit an existing page

Step 1: Load the page in OmniUpdate — here are instructions for how to locate the page you want to edit and get to it within Omniupdate.   Step 2: Edit a content region — First we need to make sure we … Continued

Log into OmniUpdate

Before you can make changes to your pages you must log in through OmniUpdate. There are several methods to access the login panel. Here are two. Step 1: Reaching the login panel Method 1: Entering through the page you want to … Continued

Office 365 Tutorial

Find a frequently asked question.     How do I record a new greeting for incoming voice-mail? Dial x7411 and follow the prompts OR Use a browser to open http://webmail.smccd.edu/ and log in   Click on the settings “gear” in the right … Continued

Office 365 FAQs

Office 365 or O365 is a hosted service from Microsoft that provides collaborative applications like email, voice-mail and SharePoint.  More information can be found at: http://office.microsoft.com/en-001/academic/ General How do we currently provide email, voice-mail and SharePoint? Why is the District moving … Continued