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  1. DRC will receive general direction from the Chancellor’s Council concerning strategic policies and priorities.
  2. DRC will be chaired by the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services.
  3. DRC will report to the Chancellor’s Council through the Chair.
  4. Membership will consist of:
    1. Vice Chancellor of Educational Services
    2. Skyline College’s Director of Planning, Research and Student Success
    3. CSM’s Dean of Articulation and Research
    4. Cañada College’s Administrative Analyst responsible for institutional research
    5. A representative from Information Technology Services.
  5. This charge will be reviewed with the Chancellor’s Council annually and modified as required. 


Goals, Objectives and Responsibilities: 

  • Make recommendations to Chancellor’s Council regarding business policies and procedures related to institutional research and planning.
  • Assess, evaluate and recommend staffing levels and other resources required to provide essential institutional research capabilities and functions.
  • Improve the institutional research capabilities of the Colleges and District Office by collaborating on projects, dividing work and projects among the three IR functions where possible, using the same data definitions, methods, programs, reporting tools and reporting formats to ensure accurate, consistent and comparable research.
  • Improve methodologies to conduct and disseminate research information consistently across the District by maintaining a single repository and/or library of research information including an integrated data warehouse and unified research website.
  • Increase communication, cooperation and resource-sharing between the three research organizations within the District
  • Develop a systematic and consistent approach for conducting research in such areas as enrollment statistics, student characteristics, degree/certificate award tracking, student outcomes and accountability measures, term persistence of students, grade distribution, longitudinal tracking, transfer readiness, Program Review, enrollment analyses and other areas.
  • Identify, recommend and uniformly implement a strategy to improve access to institutional information by faculty, staff and the management team using the same tools, format and approach.
  • Advise and recommend the development of information reports which have District-wide value.  Identify common College and District needs for information in support of strategic planning and meeting the requirements for accreditation.
  • Conduct cooperative research to support the needs of all three Colleges whenever such research is of benefit to another College.-         Identify and recommend programs and support for staff development and training related to the use of and access to information and research tools.
  • Define, coordinate and publish common institutional research and reports to a District website accessible to the public.-         Assume responsibility for State Reporting submittals including IPEDS, 320/MIS and Staff Data.
  • Develop a strategy and appropriate recommendations for supporting Grant Development programs for each College.
  • Develop appropriate policies and procedures for the development and usage of research information and resources which includes methods, human subject policies and ethics. 



  1. Meetings will be open to any interested College or District employees.
  2. Meetings will be held monthly and the calendar of meetings will be set at the first meeting of the academic year.
  3. Minutes will be distributed to Chancellor’s Council and other interested administrators, faculty and staff.