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Decision Support Systems Work Advisory Group

The Council meets the 4th Monday of the month from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

2009-10 Agendas & Minutes

2008-09 Agendas & Minutes

2007-08 Agendas & Minutes

2006-07 Agendas & Minutes



Committee Sharepoint Site
Only committee members can access the site due to large amount of informal and unapproved documents. If you need access, please contact Jing Luan, Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Planning, at (650) 358-6880.



The Decision Support Systems Work Advisory Group (DSSWAG) exists for the purpose of analyzing and improving data integrity by providing guidelines, design and input to various decision support systems and reports in the district in collaboration with the District Research Council (DRC). To accomplish the tasks, members on the committee participate in discussions of developing and reviewing real-time and historical reporting, including enrollment, Financial, Staffing, 320 and MIS. DSSWAG acts as the primary body responsible for interpreting various external and internal reporting requirements and for identifying and defining data element dictionaries of various enterprise systems that support the reporting activities. DSSWAG will report to DRC.

DSSWAG is co-chaired by the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Planning and Edgar Coronel, Associate Director, ITS. It meets monthly or as needed.




  • Donna Bestock
  • Kathy Blackwood
  • Suki Chang
  • Edgar Coronel
  • Ada Delaplaine
  • Sherri Hancock
  • Rob Johnstone
  • Jing Luan
  • Maria Norris
  • Jose Pena
  • Eric Raznick
  • Bart Scott
  • John Sewart
  • Gregory Stoup
  • Henry Villareal