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Hi everybody – in an effort to increase the amount of staff parking on campus and taking advantage of some open space – there will be some construction activity down in the area between our five portable classrooms and the tennis courts (open this file for clarification).

As many of you know – we lost a significant area for staff parking (Staff Lot 10) when our new Building 4 construction got underway.  Staff were asked to park behind the portable classrooms in the dirt.  The muddy conditions during this past rainy season created some very challenging conditions not only for parking but for the samTrans RediWheels pick-ups and drops-off for Building 3.

Now we’re finally going to get a great paved staff parking lot that will not only better serve staff and faculty working in Building 3 but our future Building 4 as well.  RediWheels operations at that end of campus will also be greatly improved .  Here’s what we’re going to gain in the end after the construction of Staff Lot 10 is complete –

  1. 9 fully compliant ADA parking spaces
  2. 10 PE Van and visitor parking spaces
  3. 39 staff parking spaces (compact)
  4. 53 staff parking spaces (standard)
  5. Grand Total111 new parking spaces


Construction will be getting underway on Monday, May 11 and last through Friday, June 19 (for six weeks).

This construction ‘comes with a sacrifice’ however – albeit temporary

  1. Faculty and staff who have been parking in that dirt lot (Staff Lot 10) will have to find other parking on campus
  2. Hensel Phelps construction crews who have been parking in that dirt lot will likewise have to find parking elsewhere
  3. samTrans RediWheels will have to divert their traffic patterns to pick-up and drop-off passengers for Building 3 to Staff Lot 3
  4. Faculty and staff who have been parking in Staff Lot 3 [south side of the Gym] will find fewer spaces available for parking
  5. Impacts to Staff Lot 3 –
    1. 12 staff and faculty parking spaces will be lost
    2. 5 disabled parking spaces will be added to the two already existing parking spaces
    3. RediWheels will conducting a turnaround in Staff Lot 3

Questions, comments or concerns should be directed to Dan Sarouhan, Project Manager, at ext 6844, or

Please be careful if you’re in the area of Staff Lot 3 – these temporary changes and lost staff parking spaces will be confusing to get used to and hectic for the next six weeks.  Thanks.

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