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Hello everyone - in order to get some high power (12kV) electrical lines inspected in our recently dug up quad areas,  a main campus power shutdown is necessary to allow electrical contractors to make their inspections of the high power lines that run underground the quad areas.   We asked Hensel Phelps Construction to schedule the power shut down so as to minimize any impacts on the campus . . . and during this week on a Wednesday evening  is the best time to get this work done.

The campus will be without power on Wednesday, June 10, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m(total outage = 4 hours).   Depending upon the backup power capabilities of our various ITS servers on campus, this power outage could mean there will be  no telephones, data services, or computer internet capability during this outage period. 

Loma Chica, the Child Development Center, and Pacific Heights will not be affected by this power outage; however, telephone or computer data service (internet, intranet, & email) could also be affected during the outage.
Before you leave tomorrow (Wednesday) - I strongly recommend the following before leave on Friday: 

  1. Power down all office equipment to include computers, printers and copiers before leaving your work areas.
  2. Turn lights and other power switches off.
  3. Notify intrusion alarm monitoring companies about the planned outage.

If you have questions, you can contact the Skyline Swinerton Project Manager, Ed Westland, at ext 7037, or

We will have Engineering staff on campus supporting this outage and restoring power to all facilities as soon as we can.  ITS personnel will also be on campus monitoring phone, computer service and data communications links.

Please be safe and extra careful driving around all the construction sites on campus.  Sorry for the short notice on this one.  Take care –

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