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Hi everybody – parking lot and other site improvements throughout campus are in full swing now.  Phased starting and completion dates have been extensively discussed so as to minimize the impacts on the campus where possible.  To that end . . . I have some ‘good news and some bad news.’ 

As some of you remember, Parking Lots 5 and 7 need some extensive improvements to provide for improved parking and the re-routing of the Loop Road in that area.   For the past seven weeks we saw evidence of that effort when we closed Parking Lot 7 and Hensel Phelps Construction digging that up.  That construction is coming to a close and now it’s time to encroach on Parking Lot 5 to make improvements needed in that area.

Please, please, please open this file . . . . it’s a photomap that illustrates what’s happening better than any explanation I could possibly provide –

  1. Dark Red Shaded Area = Lot 5 Partial Parking Lot Closure effective Monday, July 13; it will reopen with staff, student and visitor parking on Monday, August 17   
  2. Open Arrows = Vehicle Traffic Paths to/from Pacific Heights Student Parking and Contractor Parking (behind Loma Chica) effective Monday, July 13
  3. Light Red Shaded Area = Lot 7 Parking Lot Opening effective Monday, July 20
  4. Orange Shaded Area = Building 4 (Administration/Multi-cultural/Cosmetology) Construction Area
  5. Yellow Line = Pedestrian Pathways
  6. Green Shaded Area (behind Child Development Center)  = Temporary Storage Area for Automotive Program Vehicles  


With the opening of Lot 7 on Monday, July 20 . . . . we will have the following –

  1. 49 parking spaces = Staff parking  (mix of standard and compact vehicle spaces)
  2. 58 parking spaces = Student parking  (mix of standard and compact vehicle spaces)
  3. 18 parking spaces = Disabled person parking (9 spaces will be van accessible spaces)
  4. 16 parking spaces = Visitor parking (temporary until August 17)
  5. 3 parking spaces = Motorcycle parking (for 6 motorcycles)

Our Swinerton staff will be busy putting up signage to assist with the re-routing of vehicle and pedestrian traffic due to the construction.

Questions concerning parking and traffic concerns should be directed to Lori Adrian at or our new Chief of Public Safety, Brian Tupper at

Questions about the construction in this quadrant of the campus can be directed to Zak Conway, Swinerton Project Manager, at or ext 7042; or Mony Thach at or ext 7053.

I appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation as we move ahead with these improvements on campus.  Take care -    

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