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O.K. folks – myself and Swinerton staff have been fielding a lot of concerns and questions about the situation everyone faced this morning when coming to work.

Best advice I can give you is this . . .

  1. If you work in Bldgs 1, 2, 8 and Auto buildings - - - - park in Lot M (north of Bldg 6) and walk in to main campus.
  2. If you work in Bldg 3 - - - O.K. to still park in Lot R but it will be a ‘hike’ to get to main campus because there is no temporary pathway thru the Bldg 2/Bldg 3 quad area.

Swinerton staff will be posting signage at Lot R (near the portable classrooms) to forewarn staff and students there is no access to campus from vic Bldg 3 without taking the ‘hike’.  The ‘hike’ to main campus from Bldg 3 is this –

  1. Bldg 3 is cut off from direct access from the campus this week (June 1-4)
  2. If you need to access the upper campus, you will need to use the walkway between the upper grass soccer field and the new Bldg 4 construction fence
  3. After climbing the stairs, you head west through Lot M.   You will need to transverse some landscaping so be careful.
  4. You can then head south in between Buildings 5 and 6 and this will place you on the upper quad.

Comments should be directed to Jack Herbert (ext 7037) or Mony Thach (ext 7053).   Please be careful – lots of construction traffic and limited visibility.  Thanks.      

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