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Hi everyone – as mentioned previously – I am sending this type of Construction Notices out every week for the next 8 weeks with an updated map depicting the upcoming  week’s PHASE in construction  - with a campus map and description of the impacts to the campus.

So – here’s PHASE 3  -

Starting on Monday, June 14 through Sunday, June 20 . . .

  •  Bus Stops (samTrans Routes 121, 123, 140) remain on the North side of Bldg 7  
  •  Lot D will continue to be closed
  •  West Entrance to Bldg 8 will continue to be closed; do not use Lot F, Lot G, or Lot G (staff) to enter Bldg 8 at the 3rd floor entrance
  •  Lot G (Staff Parking) will continue to be closed
  •  Quad between Bldg 2 and Bldg 3 will continue to be closed (passenger pathway between Bldg 2 & 3 will be constructed through that area)
  •  Bldg 2 loading dock area will continue to be closed
  •  Landscape area behind Bldg 7 will be closed
  •  Landscape area for new water feature on north side of Bldg 1 will be closed
  •  Lot A will be closed
  •  Most of Lot C will be closed
  •  Lot N will be closed
  •  The South Loop Road between Lot A and Lot F east entrance will be closed
    •   No vehicle access to Lot E
    •  Vehicle access to/from the Facilities Maintenance Center along the back portion of Lot C  


Please, please , please open the attached pdf file – it is a campus map that provides some clarity.  It graphically depicts the closed areas (in yellowish- orange) due to construction. 

Best advice I can give to staff and faculty seeking access to Bldgs 2, 3, and 8 . . . . park in Lot MBldg 1 staff and faculty can park in Lot F . . . but you will have to travel counter-clockwise on the Loop Road, past the Vista Point, and enter Lot F vic its Vista Point entrance.   A message sign board at both of our campus entrances has been erected directing all visitors to campus to park in Lot M.

Questions or concerns should be directed to our Swinerton Team Chief, Jack Herbert, at ext 7037, or Mony Thach, at ext 7053,

Some good news however –

  •   There will be a passenger pathway through the quad area between Bldg 2 and Bldg 3
  •   Upper quad area between Bldg 8 and Bldg 7 is open


Be careful out there – lots of construction vehicles and equipment everywhere.  Next week will be a hectic and challenging one with College for Kids getting underway on campus.   Thanks.


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