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District Research Council


The District Research Council (DRC) has been established for the purpose of meeting the increased demand for institutional research, access to accurate and comparable information for all three Colleges and the District, to provide information in support of strategic planning and to increase communication, cooperation and resource-sharing within the Institutional Research function to more effectively meet the research needs of the Colleges and District Office.


Vice Chancellor, Educational Services and Planning

Kimberlee Messina
District Office - Vice Chan. Educ Svcs and Planning

  (650) 358-6887
  District Office - 2nd Floor

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Vice President, Planning/Research/Institution Effectiveness

Aaron McVean
District Office - Vice Chan. Educ Svcs and Planning

  (650) 358-6803
  District Office

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John Sewart
President's Office - Office of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness

  (650) 574-6196
   BLDG 10-487

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Executive Vice Chancellor

Kathy Blackwood
District Office - Executive Vice Chancellor's Office

  (650) 358-6869

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Chief Technology Officer

Bruce Griffin
District Office - Information Technology Services

  (650) 358-6722

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