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Community Travel Program

We are excited to announce that Community Travel is back! 

Travel that Makes a Difference

For many college students, study abroad is a special goal of their undergraduate years. Financially, the experience is often out of reach. What can you do? Take that trip you’ve been promising yourself – and help students achieve the international study opportunity they’ve been dreaming of. Participate in one of our five upcoming educational travel tours, and $500 (tax-deductible) of your registration fee goes directly into our foundation’s scholarship fund to help our students live and learn in other countries. It’s a win-win – a curated travel experience for you, and a life-changing time for a student.

Why Community Travel?

It’s all the fun and culture of a study abroad experience without the coursework. Whether you never had the chance to study abroad yourself, you’ve done a whistle-stop tour but are looking for a deeper experience, or have simply been promising yourself some international travel, consider India, France, or Japan. We’ve designed these trips with you in mind: Hitting the high points of five destinations you’ll never forget. Enjoy local food, special attractions and guided sightseeing, and the reassurance of a San Mateo travel ambassador and professional tour director on the trip.

Read on to learn about each individual travel option. Take yourself someplace you’ve always wanted to go.


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