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Foreign Transcripts

If you have completed coursework outside the United States of America and wish to have it reviewed for the purpose of applying lower-division coursework to Associate degree or certificate requirements, you must first use one of the Foreign Credential Evaluation Services listed below to retrieve a “detailed” evaluation of your foreign transcript. A "detailed" evaluation of foreign transcripts separates lower-division coursework from upper-division coursework. TES will review the results of the foreign credential evaluation to determine if or how the foreign coursework can be applied to a SMCCCD associate degree or certificate.

Please consider the following limitations before you invest in a foreign credential evaluation service.


We cannot apply foreign coursework to CSU GE Certification or IGETC Certification for transfer purposes.

Although some of your courses may be accepted by the institution to which you transfer, it is up to the transfer destination to evaluate and determine what coursework they will accept and how they will apply it to your degree. Most 4-year colleges have a foreign transcript evaluation service as part of their admissions process. Consult directly with the 4 year college for more information.


Foreign coursework is not applied to speech/communication, English, or mathematics requirements or competencies.

Approved foreign coursework is typically applied to Associate degree general education areas – social science, natural science, humanities, and career and personal development or elective credit only. Courses must have a minimum value of 3 semester units. However, please be aware that the new Associate Degrees for Transfer (AA-T/AS-T) use the CSU GE Breadth or IGETC transfer patterns, so we cannot apply any foreign course work to those degrees.

Foreign Credential Evaluation Services approved by SMCCCD are:

International Education Research Foundation, Inc (IERF) Approximate cost:
World Education Service (WES) Approximate cost:
Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute (ACEI) Approximate cost: