Pre-Qualified Architectural, Engineering and Professional Consultants

Architects, Engineers and Professional Construction Consultants

In November 2000, Proposition 35 was passed by California voters. The proposition required public entities like San Mateo Community College District to qualify architectural and engineering firms prior to retaining them for professional services.  San Mateo County Community College District requires its professional service providers to meet criteria including but not limited to the following:

  • California licensing or registry (for architects and engineers)
  • successful experience with the Division of the State Architect (DSA)
  • successful experience with projects for higher educational institutions
  • successful experience in projects similar to the District’s renovation and new construction projects
  • record of responsiveness
  • acceptable business practices, such as discipline coordination, cost estimating, cost management, quality control, project team communications, dispute resolution, etc.
  • competitive fee schedule
  • preference for firms whose locations are within reasonable driving distance to San Mateo


See our current list of construction consultants who have been prequalified to provide professional services  .

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