Skyline College Building 2 Workforce & Economic Development Prosperity Center

Project Scope:

  • Provide Readily Accessible Integrated Student Services Center
  • Code upgrades to restroom facilities, corridors and vertical circulation systems
  • Improvement of the functionality of 30,914 ASF
    • 13 Student Services Departments
    • 5 Classrooms
    • Nursing Room


As Skyline College continues to respond to student demands for instruction and student services, the instructional spaces in the Campus Center are in need of renovation to provide current technologies and integrate student service programs and workforce and economic development support functions into one location to ensure student access. Additionally, appropriately configured spaces are necessary to fully administer the student services functions as intended to help ensure student success.
The Workforce and Economic Development Prosperity Center will allow the college to address safety hazards, provide centralized location and appropriately sized, technologically smart spaces to effectively deliver instructions and support services to help students succeed.


  • Division of State Architects (DSA) approved 6/3/2022
  • State Chancellor's Office approval expected Fall 2022
  • Existing occupants move-out by Spring 2021
  • Construction anticipated Fall 2022 - Summer 2024
  • Target Occupancy January 2025


Currently at State Chancellor's Office in Review

Contact Information

Project Manager

  Heidi Rank
  (415) 622-6362

Project Assistant

  Kristin Moorhouse
  (650) 703-7364


  LPA Architects

General Contractor