Space Inventories

The California Community Colleges Space Inventory is mandatory pursuant to Education Code Sections 71028, 81800, and 81821(e); Section 71028 states, "The Board of Governors shall review and approve academic master plans and master plans for facilities for each community college district."  A more specific requirement is given in Section 81821(e) which requires, "An annual inventory of all facilities of the district using standard definitions, forms and instructions adopted by the Board of Governors."

The space inventory as required by statute provides the essential database for examining utilization of facilities and, as a consequence, the planning for, allocation of, and addition to the statewide Five-Year Construction Plan prepared each year.

The space inventory format consists of a facilities inventory list, reports and summaries.  The inventory list provides a room summary for each building plus identifying quantitative data.  The reports are organized with various formats that provide detailed information on facility identification, room and standard classification data.  In addition, the reports provide detail on the number of rooms, assignable square feet, number of stations and other facilities data.  The summaries give college, district and statewide totals from report data.