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Strategic Goal 1

Develop and Strengthen Educational Offerings, Interventions, and Support Programs that Increase Student Access & Success

Students arrive at District Colleges with a range of educational goals. Students and the public need to know that their investment in time and money in their education will lead to tangible results. Accordingly, the District will seek to provide the best possible balance of programs and services that will result in clear transfer outcomes as well as alignment with emerging labor markets. Increasing student outcomes requires increased support and engagement and professional development that focuses on excellence in teaching.

Districtwide Strategies

  • Increase the number of students who utilize support services that enable them to stay in school and succeed.
  • Systematically evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs in all areas and develop, strengthen or eliminate programs to support student success.
  • Strengthen the alignment of career and technical programs with projected workforce needs.
  • Provide professional development resources for faculty, staff, and administration to ensure program viability and excellence in teaching.
  • Create on-line and web-based options for students to access advising and counseling services, interactive scheduling, and educational plans.
  • Establish a dedicated budget for program development (including personnel, professional development, and technology).
  • Invest in resources and support actions that will ensure quality teaching and learning.
  • Use emerging practices to accelerate student progression through basic skills and ESL sequences into college-level work.
  • Expand the globalization of education as a critical means for graduates to engage and thrive in an increasingly small world.