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Strategic Goal 3

Increase Program Delivery Options, Including the Expanded Use of Instructional Technology, to Support Student Learning and Success

In an educational environment, that has become highly competitive, students and prospective students have many choices for higher education. Prospective adult learners are increasingly unlikely to enroll for semester-long classes, seeking instead shorter-term and online learning opportunities. Many younger students are digital natives and expect higher education to incorporate the customer experiences provided by successful online retailers. Recent national practices in Learning Communities, peer tutoring, and retention can also contribute to student success rates. Innovations can spur larger enrollments and retention rates as well as higher levels of student success and satisfaction with the District’s educational offerings. Technology will also provide access for populations currently unable to access the District’s programs and support services. The District recognizes that such transformations require both the technological infrastructure and professional development to take advantage of new opportunities.

Districtwide Strategies

  • Expand program delivery options, including accelerated completion options, for all students including online students, e.g., College for Working Adults; short-term classes; intersession classes; cohort classes; and continuing, corporate and community education
  • Develop a strategic distance education plan to increase the development and delivery of quality, fully online and hybrid classes and degree programs
  • Support professional development for faculty and staff to incorporate advances in teaching, learning, and effective use of technology
  • Increase technology use in the classroom and develop the overall District technology infrastructure to improve student success
  • Share data and information, especially about student success, with community partners
  • Integrate technological systems to ensure a seamless and efficient experience for students and staff
  • Ensure student services are addressing the needs of all students including online students