Task Force on Teaching and Learning

On Monday, April 6, the District Academic Senate, in coordination with the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Planning, created the Task Force on Teaching and Learning (TTL). This task force is charged with facilitating the district's effort to respond to the COVID-19 campus closures, including drafting policies on issues related to academic and professional matters, coordinating professional development for remote learning, and making recommendations on other related topics. The TTL is comprised of broad representation and makes recommendations directly to the District Academic Senate.


  • Jeramy Wallace - District Academic Senate President, English (CSM)
  • Aaron McVean - Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Planning (District Office)
  • Kate Brown - Skyline AS President, Early Childhood Education (Skyline)
  • Chris Collins - DE Coordinator, History (Skyline)
  • Nick DeMello - DEAC Chair, Chemistry (Canada)
  • Sarah Harmon - Canada OER Liaison, Spanish (Canada)
  • Jessica Hurless - District Curriculum Chair, Communications (Skyline)
  • David Locke - Physics (CSM)
  • Ame Maloney - Library (Skyline)
  • Timothy Rottenberg - Middle College (Skyline)
  • Bianca Rowden-Quince - Instructional Designer (Skyline)
  • Arielle Smith - CSM AS President, Counseling (CSM)
Classified Staff
  • Alison Hughes, Instructional Technologist (Canada)
  • Rolin Moe - Dean, ASLT (Skyline)
  • Tammy Robinson - VP, Instruction (Canada)
  • Chris Smith - ITS (District Office)
Task Force Advisory
  • Paul Bissember (AFT)


Agendas and Notes

April 8, 2020, Agenda April 8, 2020, Notes  
April 15, 2020, Agenda   April 15, 2020, Notes  
April 22, 2020, Agenda April 22, 2020, Notes
April 29, 2020 Agenda April 29, 2020 Notes
May 6, 2020 Agenda May 6, 2020 Notes  
May 13, 2020 Agenda