Doing Business with Us



To all Contractors doing business with San Mateo County Community College District, please see the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office MEMO at the link below regarding Executive Order N-6-22 from Governor Newsome dated 4/12/22.

MEMO - Executive Order N-6-22 Russia Sanctions  

How Can I Sell My Product to the College District?

If you are a new vendor who would like to sell your product or service to the College District, please provide our buyers with information about you and your company by completing a Vendor Registration Form. By registering on the vendor list, you will be considered by the District if there is a demand for your product or service.

Who buys what?

The Purchasing Department procures the supplies, equipment and services for the entire San Mateo County Community College District:

  • Cañada College, Redwood City
  • College of San Mateo, San Mateo
  • Skyline College, San Bruno
  • District Administrative Office, San Mateo

How does the Purchasing Department buy?

The Purchasing Department buys almost exclusively by competitive bid. The methods and processes vary with the size and type of purchase, but all procedures for these purchases are designed to produce maximum open competition. Our recent purchase records are available for public inspection at our offices.

What can the colleges buy without a purchase order?

The authority to purchase goods and services valued up to $1,000 has been delegated to each of the college campuses and centers. These transactions may often times be paid for via a District issued procurement card in compliance with our purchasing guidelines.  Purchases of items valued over $1,000 are made through the issuance of a District Purchase Order.

How can you sell to the District effectively?

There is no substitute for a personal call to the Purchasing Department to find out who in the District may be in need of your product or service. The buyers in this office can advise you on where and to whom to show your product. By acquainting the Purchasing Department with your product, you will also be sure not to miss a chance to quote on future bids for the type of product or service you offer.

Some things to know...

You must be competitive

The District deals primarily with manufacturers and wholesalers and purchases at highly competitive prices.  Retailers may have difficulty in competing for District business.

You must respond to our request for quotes

If you do not reply to several consecutive bid invitations or price requests, you will be removed from our bid lists.

Read the request for price quotations carefully

The District fully and explicitly explains what it wants. Read the price requests and bid invitations carefully, and be sure that you can comply with all the requirements before bidding.

Final purchase decisions

The final purchase decision will be based upon the lowest responsible bidder meeting objective specifications. Expenditures by the vendor for expensive designs, demonstrations, layout, etc., will not affect the final decision made by the Purchasing Department. The Purchasing Department recommends if you are called upon to provide such expensive pre-purchase services that.... (1) You consider contracting separately with the District for this service. (2) You ask the college which you assisted to list you as a "reference vendor" on their requisition so we can send you a bid invitation.