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College of San Mateo

11-14 years of age!!

Session 1: 6/17-6/28 (10 days)

Session 2: 7/8-7/19 (10 days)

Session 3: 7/22-8/2 (10 days)


Price:  $700.00 per 2 week 1/2 day session

Coding class


Week 1 Coding

Calling all future coders, programmers, cyber spies, & designers! Explore a series of coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python through introductory projects and design challenges. Learn the basics to get started on your coding journey and become the next coding prodigy! Projects will be available on a Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. 

Week 2 Cyber Spies

Additionally, with the world's increased reliance on digital data, cyber security is more imporant than ever! In this class you are all that stands between a group of international hackers launching cyber attacks and world peace. Through a series of challenges, students will learn to apply tools used by professional digital forensics teams to crack codes and use encryption. Working in teams you will collect clues, recover lost data, and explore the tools of the trade to become the next great cyber spy! 


Code Breakers

Learn the basics of coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS through a series of web projects and design challenges each day, and be on your way to becoming the next tech star! Whether you want to be a Silicon Valley CEO or the high school student who just made $1 million dollars for programming in her bedroom, this course has the essentials you need to begin your journey. Returning students can create more advanced projects that build on previous years.


Code Your Own Adventure! Interactive Storytelling

Watch as the characters in your imagination come to life in this unique course that blends classic storytelling with animation techniques and coding. Start with a concept, design the characters, and choose not just one ending, but many! Learn how to create your won text-based adventure games with variables, conditional logic, images, HTML, CSS, and Twine scripting syntax.


Python Programmers

Want to learn the world's fastest-growing programming language favored by Google, NASA, YouTube, and the CIA? Learn how to code with Python to create engaging apps and games. Each lesson takes you step-by-step on a programming path that will let you challenge friends with fun content you create from start to finish! Returning students can create more advanced projects that build on previous years.


JavaScript Developer Jam

Learn programming tools so powerful they seem like magic! Start off by exploring an array of core programming concepts with JavaScript by experimenting in a series of advanced skills such as 3D experiences and game creation.


View the videos below to learn more 

Code Breakers 

JavaScript Developer Jam

Python Programmers

Code Your Own Adventure

Cyber Spies


camp day

Dates & Times

Session Length
Sessions 1, 2 and 3 will run for 2 weeks 1/2 day AM schedule from 9am-1pm

Session Dates 
Session 1 (10 days): 6/17-6/28
Session 2  (10 days): 7/8-7/19 
Session 3 (10 days): 7/22-8/2

Class Times 
Each 2-week session includes  4 hours of class per day


**Interested in registering your child for a full day of BAPA? You can enroll in the Coding Academy and enroll in BAPA's academic, enrichment, and fitness camp (periods 5-8) in the afternoon. Please contact our office at Community Ed/BAPA (650)574-6149 for more information**

  The Bay Area Pathways Academy™ will be a game-changer in San Mateo County’s efforts to disrupt the cycle of summer learning loss. I’m pleased to endorse such an innovative and comprehensive program.  
— Bonnie Hansen, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Sequoia Union High School District