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Candidate Profile: Linda Lees Dwyer

Please share your qualifications and why you are interested in serving on the San Mateo County Community College District Board of Trustees.

I would like to serve as a Trustee on the SMCCCD Board . I have just completed 17 years on the San Mateo Union High School District Board, after serving 5 years on the Burlingame Elementary School Board. My husband and I have 5 children who completed school in these districts and all 5 took classes at the SMCCCD. We hosted 3 high school foreign exchange students (Brazil, Germany, South Korea). We also served as foster parents to a child for all of high school and as the child began classes at SMCCCD. I believe that I am ready for a "promotion".

My undergraduate degree is in education. I worked as a graduate assistant in special education, while studying individualized education. I worked as a graduate assistant in school law, while I was in law school.

In my work as a lawyer, I have represented individuals, employers, public entities and corporations. I believe in the importance of listening and in working to find the best decision or resolution. While my legal work focus has not been in education law, my avocation is education law. I have completed multiple continuing education courses in education law, attending the California Council of School Attorneys conference annually.

I have used my legal skills as a Trustee, particularly in the area of contracts, legal and financial review. I read and analyze everything. I do the homework necessary to serve as part of the Board to make the best decisions, based upon all of the information provided to us.

I would like to join the SMCCCD Board of Trustees. I like to work as part of a team and I would like to continue serve the community.