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College of San Mateo






Buildings 2, 4 and 14 Modernization Projects






Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008, through approximately May 30th, 2008




Construction we begin in earnest in these buildings next week to remove all traces of hazardous materials. Bayview Environmental will commence on Tuesday morning in the Arts Complex (Buildings 2 and 4) to set up shop to remove the vinyl asbestos floor tiles. This contractor does a great deal of work for the District, and has expertise in creating a safe environment for our campus community while demolishing this material. These areas will not be accessible for any use, except for the Photography department.  Special arrangements are being made to keep this department up and running throughout this semester. The abatement in their area will begin at the end of the semester. As has started happening this week, there will be crews in the rooms, creating “containments” and pulling out bagged materials. There will continue to be more trucks in this area for waste disposal.

This work will begin in Building 14 on Monday, April 28th. The same information applies – no access at all to the building during the course of this work. The contractor will “encapsulate” the building to ensure that there is no leakage of debris.

Thank you for your patience during this necessary course of work.






Please direct any questions or concerns related to this project to:






Pepper Powell








For more information regarding the Capital Improvement Program, please visit the Campus Construction Update page at:

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