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Campus Wide Site Logistics Update - January 11th and January 14th

CAN B23 Construction continues on North end of Campus; parking for construction workers will expand to include additional portion of Parking Lot 7. Construction fence lines will remain unchanged for next few months; Construction fence at B22 has been adjusted to accommodate new sidewalks and separate pedestrians from construction work in progress at B23. While heat has been restored to B13, additional work to complete installation of new air handler at B13 continues through end of January to provide air conditioning to classrooms throughout B13 in the warmer months. Vehicular traffic, including Sam Trans buses will be re-routed per plan, see map. Bus Stop has been relocated behind Building 9; Bus will exit through Lot 1; Traffic will be exit only Temporarily at portion of Lot 1 as shown to allow Bus to exit through Lot 1. Campus Loop Road will be re-opened late Friday, January 11th; Road Barriers and Detour Signs will be removed by end of day Saturday, January 12th. CAN B1 Construction of Main Building is estimated to start end of January / early February; Construction Traffic for this project will enter off Farm Hill and exit through South end of Campus as shown on attached Campus Map. Parking for CAN B1 Project will remain at South end of Parking Lot 6. As always, please proceed with caution around construction sites. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. Thank you for your patience.


January 14th, 2019 - May 31st, 2019


Portions of Parking Lots 1, 7 and 6 are being used for contractors parking during construction. Campus Roads and sidewalks have been re-opened across campus to through traffic for vehicles and pedestrians.