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DW Fire Alarm Panels Upgrade Project

Districtwide Fire Alarm Panels Upgrade Project - College of San Mateo
This project will upgrade and replace the existing Fire Alarm Control Panels across the entire campus. Panels will be replaced one building at a time.  The work required for each building should take approximately one week.  The overall project will occur from Jan 22, 2018 until early June 2018.
During the part of the construction process when transitioning from the old panel to the new panel, the fire detection and alarm system will be deactivated for that specific building only. The rest of the campus fire alarm system will remain operational.  During the period of deactivation, the Department of Public Safety in collaboration with the planning and facilities departments will perform fire watch rotations.
After a Fire Alarm panel is replaced in a building, the fire alarm system in the building will be fully tested.  This test will include sounding the fire alarm horns and strobe light alarms.  Please note the fire alarm test will be loud.  The test will occur for about 5-15 minutes to ensure that all building detection and alarm devices are functioning.  To minimize the impact to College operations, the general plan is to perform the horn/strobe tests before classes start, within the window timeframe of 6am - 8am.


January 22nd, 2018 - June 1st, 2018

Monday-Friday 6:00am-3:00pm


Minor construction noise during the installation of the new panels.
Required fire watch during the period of transition from the old panel to the new panel.
  When each building fire alarm is tested, the horn/strobes will be activated and it will be very loud inside the building. In general, these tests will occur before 8am.  Reminder notices will be sent per building, to provide notice before construction in each building.