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IMPORTANT: SharePoint public sites have been discontinued by Microsoft. All public sites are now accessible through District Downloads.


Sharepoint is a tool that allows you to share files and collaborate online. It is a great solutions for committees, projects and any groups trying to keep track of meetings, agendas and milestones. It tightly integrates into Office and requires a district email address to access. SharePoint is employee-focused and not a solution for student collaboration. If you would like to engage with students online we recommend Canvas or Google Apps for Education.

SharePoint Tutorials are available on the ITS website. If you have any questions, please contact the ITS support center.

Signing in

Sharepoint requires you to login with your email username ( and email password.

Username: district email address (example:
Password: email password

How do I find my SharePoint Site?

There are two types of SharePoint site:

SMCCCD SharePoint (internal only)

District Downloads (public)

District Downloads are displayed on the website. If you have a folder of files you need to share publically, please submit a request to the ITS support center.

You can also search for sites and files.