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Our students say that SVIEP is the best place for improving your English and getting ready to be successful in college. Review our program dates below and choose the date you will begin your future with SVIEP!

Gracie's Success Story: From SVIEP to Cañada College to Top Universities

Gracie"I benefited from the SVIEP program greatly. I started studying with SVIEP as a Level 2 student. The program improved my English proficiency and prepared me well for college. SVIEP helped me to build my confidence, and I am pleased with my progress. SVIEP has small classes so that I can communicate with professors and classmates frequently and closely. It is very crucial before studying in college and applying for universities. Now I have been working on a double major in Anthropology and Psychology at Cañada College and am really grateful to get admitted to the following universities in Fall 2020UC Berkeley, UCLA, Menlo College, and San Jose State University. SVIEP is the best way to learn English." 

Gracie Guo 郭元春

sviep students in class   sviep students in class

10 Start Dates. 4-Week Sessions. 4-Level Program. 

SVIEP offers ten start dates per year in June, July, August, September, October, November, January, February, March, and April. Each session is 4 weeks long and offers 4 levels of instruction per session (based on registration numbers). See below for important due dates for each session. 

SVIEP Sessions Length Program Start Program End Application Deadlines for International (F-1) and Local Students
Fall A-1 2023 (Aug. Start) 4 weeks Aug. 16, 2023  Sept. 14, 2023 International F-1 (Outside US): Jul 26, 2023
Local Transfer F-1 (Within US): Aug. 9, 2023
Fall A-2 2023 (Sept. Start) 4 weeks Sept.18, 2023 Oct. 12, 2023 International F-1 (Outside US): Aug. 28, 2023
Local Transfer F-1 (Within US): Sept. 7, 2023
Fall B-1 2023 (Oct. Start) 4 weeks Oct. 16, 2023 Nov. 9, 2023 International F-1 (Outside US): Sept. 25, 2023
Local Transfer F-1 (Within US): Oct. 10, 2023
Fall B-2 2023 (Nov. Start) 4 weeks Nov. 13, 2023 Dec. 14, 2023 International F-1 (Outside US): Oct. 23, 2023
Local Transfer F-1 (Within US): Nov. 7, 2023
Spring A-1 2024 (Jan. Start) 4 weeks Jan. 16, 2024 Feb. 8, 2024 International F-1 (Outside US): Dec. 12, 2023
Local Transfer F-1 (Within US): Jan. 10, 2024
Spring A-2 2024 (Feb. Start) 4 weeks

Feb.12, 2024

Mar. 7, 2024 International F-1 (Outside US): Jan. 22, 2024
Local Transfer F-1 (Within US): Feb. 14, 2024
Spring B-1 2023 (Apr. Start) 4 weeks April 3, 2023 May 4, 2023 International F-1 (Outside US):Mar. 20, 2023
Local Transfer F-1 (Within US): Mar. 27, 2023
Spring B-2 2023 (May. Start) 4 weeks May 8, 2023 Jun 8, 2023 International F-1 (Outside US): April 23, 2023
Local Transfer F-1 (Within US): May 1, 2023
Summer -1 2023 (June Start) * 4 weeks June 12, 2023 Jul 7, 2023 International F-1 (Outside US):May 22, 2023
Local Transfer F-1 (Within US): June 5, 2023
Summer -2 2023 (July. Start) * 4 weeks Jul. 10, 2023 Aug. 3, 2023 International F-1 (Outside US): June 19, 2023
Local Transfer F-1 (Within US): July 3, 2023

* summer sessions will be offered for new students but continuing F-1 students can have an option to have a summer break.

** It will be a fun activity for students.

Required Fees* and Estimate of Total Expenses

*Required Fees may be subject to change without notice. 

ONLINE SVIEP And Non-F1 students including local residents.

Fee Category 4 weeks 8 weeks
Full-Time* $900 $1695
$500 $900
English Conversation/American Culture***
$150 $295

Non-refundable $50 application fee not included.

*Full Time: Students will be taking both Readings, Listening, and Speaking (RLS) and Writing and Grammar (WG) classes during the program

**Part-Time: Students can take either RLS or WG.

***English Conversation/ American Culture:  Students will be required to take 8 Week session upon completion of the SVIEP program

F-1 International Student Tuition and Fees

Fee Category 8 weeks 16 weeks 24 weeks 1 Academic Year (32 wks)
Tuition  $2,995 $4,995 $7,990  $9,990
**Health Insurance, 
Housing, Books, ID
 $4,327  $8,005  $12,332  $16,010
Estimated Total $7,322  $13,000  $20,322 $26,000

*Please note: The $50.00 Application Fee is non-refundable and must be included to complete the application. 8-week session tuition deposit of $2,995 should be paid before you receive your I-20. Assessment results will determine your level.

** International students are required to purchase and maintain health insurance that meets or exceeds the limits required by SVIEP and the U.S. State Department. SVIEP requires students to purchase the insurance offered by the SMCCCD District. You will be required to provide health insurance for your dependents and to demonstrate funding to support them if they live with you during your SVIEP session. The price quoted is for zero dependents. Health insurance fees are $648 for each 16-week period (2 sessions).  Starting on A-1, B-1 or summer-1.  We also offer a monthly for a different cost.

Estimate of dependent costs, if applicable:

  • Spouse: add $1,125 per 8-week session
  • 1 child/no spouse: add $875 per 8-week session for the first child; add $500 per 8-week session for each additional child

Withdrawals and Refund

  • No refund of the application fee.
  • Applicants are eligible for a 100% refund of their first session tuition deposit ($2,995) if the applicant’s visa application gets denied and they decide not to continue pursuing our program. 
  • Applicant must submit a request in writing to receive this refund.  Please note that the applicant's I20 will be canceled when withdrawing from the program.
  • No refund of tuition fees after the first day of class.

Late Fee

  • Continuing students will be charged a late fee of $75 for tuition payment after the announced date (usually a few weeks before the new session begins).

Payment Options

Pay by Flywire
(only for international students making payments from overseas)

SVIEP has partnered with Flywire for international payments. This service provides students and their families a cost-effective and convenient method of making payments to SVIEP in foreign currencies. PLEASE SELECT: SILICON VALLEY INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM 

Flywire allows you to:

  • Pay from any country and any bank
  • Save money on bank fees and ensure your payment is received in full
  • Obtain excellent foreign exchange rates with the best rate guarantee
  • Receive peace of mind with 24x7 multilingual customer support
  • Track your payment from start to finish

For questions about making a payment with Flywire, email

Pay by Credit Card
(for all students residing in the U.S.)

Payment by phone (call 650-381-3514) or in person at our office

We accept only Visa or MasterCard.

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