We understand that finding a great place to live is an important part of your experience in America, so take a careful look at the housing options below. Once you find your place, we know you'll love living in the beautiful Bay Area just as much as we do!   


Bindi"SVIEP is the best environment to learn English as a second language. I graduated from the SVIEP in 2017. I am pursuing Interior Design degree at Cañada College and planning to transfer to 4-year institution now. The instructors and coordinators are intelligent and welcoming. Back in that time, [I was] delighted and grateful to feel the progress that I made by myself every day. They [SVIEP] have small classes for the students, so you can get a lot of attention out of the classes which I really enjoyed...You won’t regret to study in SVIEP. They’re the best." 

Bindi Lee 李思蓉

ISP homestay photoLike most Community College-based Intensive English Programs, SVIEP does not have on-campus dormitories and does not directly arrange housing for students. However, SVIEP does provide information regarding private and independently-owned housing options (see below) and recommends that students stay in homestays.


International Student Placement (ISP) has successfully placed thousands of international students with host families in the San Francisco Bay Area. They place each student in a living situation where they will feel comfortable and secure. ISP hosts are personally interviewed in their home, screened, and selected for the program. Host homes are located within a reasonable distance to the student's school, typically within a 5-mile radius. Hosts are a variety of families and come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds that matches the interest and needs of international students. ISP provides support during the student's stay, and airport pick up (for a fee). Click here for Homestay information  , and here for Homestay Application.

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New students should plan to arrange for their housing prior to arrival. New students should also plan to arrive at least two weeks before registration. Early arrival is necessary to provide adequate time to adjust and become familiar with the area.

sviep students in class   sviep students in class


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SVIEP uses the Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments (CaLMA) English Placement Test to assess how well you can understand written and spoken English.

You can prepare for the CaLMA test by taking a sample test.