Begin with SVIEP and the future is yours! Students who successfully complete SVIEP Level 4 are guaranteed admission into the San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley, after which they can take advantage of our amazing transfer agreements UC, CSU and other great universities!
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Gracie's Success Story: From SVIEP to Cañada College to Top Universities

Gracie"I benefited from the SVIEP program greatly. I started studying with SVIEP as a Level 2 student. The program improved my English proficiency and prepared me well for college. SVIEP helped me to build my confidence, and I am pleased with my progress. SVIEP has small classes so that I can communicate with professors and classmates frequently and closely. It is very crucial before studying in college and applying for universities. Now I have been working on a double major in Anthropology and Psychology at Cañada College and am really grateful to get admitted to the following universities in Fall 2020UC Berkeley, UCLA, Menlo College, and San Jose State University. SVIEP is the best way to learn English." 

Gracie Guo 郭元春

University Transfer

Transfer students from the San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley enjoy priority admission status among all UC and CSU institutions. Our three colleges have the largest number of universities providing guaranteed transfers and conditional letters of admission. Universities that offer the conditional letters of admission are listed below. Should you select one of these universities on our application form, you will receive a university letter explaining the Transfer Admission Guarantee. 

UC Berkeley

San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley are your Bridge to Attend

For a full list of our University Transfer Agreements please see here.    

Students at Canada College, College of San Mateo and Skyline College who interested in transferring to a four-year college or university may use Transfer Services (located at each college) to research universities, majors, academic requirements, college costs, and other transfer matters. Resources include college catalogs, college directories, articulation information, and access to PROJECT ASSIST, a self-guided site that provides general education, major and course equivalency information.

How it works

  1. After completing SVIEP, apply to one of our San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley. Begin here.
  2. On the San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley application, choose the university from the list provided. Choose one university only. Make sure the university you choose has your major.

sviep students on campus   sviep students on campus


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