About Your mySMCCD Account

Every student at San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD) receives a mySMCCD account. Your account provides access to the Student Success Link and WebSMART so you can register for classes.

After enrolling, you receive a mySMCCD email account that provides you with a primary means of communication with SMCCCD. You will also have access to Google Drive (15 GB of data) and Microsoft OneDrive to store files for educational purposes while you are enrolled at any of the SMCCCD colleges.

IMPORTANT: Any emails and files you store will be deleted and unrecoverable once you are no longer a student at SMCCCD. Please see below for details.

How long can I keep my mySMCCD account?

You will be able to access your email account and SMCCCD technological systems during the entirety of your enrollment at SMCCCD, and for 12 months after your last semester of enrollment.

If you have not been enrolled at any SMCCCD college for 12 months, you will be sent an email notification at two months and one month before deletion informing you when your account will be deleted. Then, SMCCCD will delete your account, including all stored files in OneDrive, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Once deleted, your data cannot be recovered.

As a student, what can I use my mySMCCD account for?

As a student at San Mateo County Community College District, you are allowed to send and receive emails and store up to 15GB of files for educational purposes. You can access technological systems such as WebSMART, Degree Works, the Student Success Link, Google Suite, OneDrive, and more.

As a student, what am I prohibited from using my mySMCCD account for?

You may not use your mySMCCD account for non-educational purposes or any commerical or fraudulent acitivities. These activities impact the integrity of the system and will be reported to the Vice President of Student Services.

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