Last fall, the San Mateo County Community College District engaged higher education consultants from Kennedy & Company to identify technology systems that will improve student success, retention, and experience. To accomplish these goals, the District has convened a Technology Taskforce to improve the student experience, outcomes and success through the application of technology.

The Taskforce has identified three areas of need:

  1. operational efficiency through integrated and transparent business processes,
  2. expanded use of data, and
  3. greater ease of use for students and employees.

This project represents the District’s desire to implement technology systems and business processes to make it easier for students to apply, excel, and graduate.

Many of these goals will be accomplished through the procurement and implementation of a Constituent Relationship Management (“CRM”) system that allows the District and its colleges to more effectively communicate with students and understand their needs. It is important to note that at this time we do not anticipate changing or moving away from Banner, but we will use the CRM as a tool to ensure we are fully using all of the data within Banner. While Banner will remain as the District’s system of record, the new CRM will serve as the District’s “system of engagement.”

Please contact your campus representative with any questions.