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Evaluation Details

Without exception, all TES communication with students is conducted via the student's MY.SMCCD.EDU email account.

When TES receives a transcript for evaluation, every lower-division, degree-applicable course completed with a grade of A, B, C, D, F, CR or P is reviewed. These courses, units, and grades earned are applied as appropriate to your San Mateo County Community College District goal and used for educational planning purposes.

Courses with W, NC or NP notations are not reviewed or applied.  Courses with an I, IP, RD may delay an evaluation request and require written explanation as reason for not having a final letter grade nor any other notation indicating a final outcome for the course.

Your OVERALL grade point average (GPA) is affected by the grades applied from these transcripts. The SMCCCD maintains GPA information for students using four categories.

  1. DISTRICT GPA - This GPA includes only courses completed in the SMCCCD for both associate degree-applicable and non-degree applicable courses. Your ACADEMIC STANDING is determined using the DISTRICT GPA.
  2. INSTITUTIONAL GPA - This GPA includes only courses completed in the SMCCCD that are associate degree-applicable courses. (Non-degree applicable courses are not included in this GPA and this GPA is not used for ACADEMIC STANDING.)
  3. TRANSFER GPA - This GPA includes lower division associate degree-applicable coursework from colleges and universities outside the San Mateo County Community College District that have been evaluated by the Transcript Evaluation Services. Your ACADEMIC STANDING is not affected by your TRANSFER GPA.
  4. OVERALL GPA - This GPA is inclusive of the INSTITUTIONAL GPA and the TRANSFER GPA as described above. Your OVERALL GPA is not used for ACADEMIC STANDING, but, your OVERALL GPA is used to determine HONORS eligibility.