Calendar FAQ

How do I set up recurring weekdays for my event?

  1. In the section labeled “Event Information”, click the checkbox labeled “repeating?”
    • A new section of the form will pop up
  2. From the dropdown menu labeled “How often does the event repeat?” select the option “weekly”
  3. Keep the “every __ weeks” dropdown on the value of 1, then type in an end-date for your event
  4. Click the checkbox labeled “on specific days?”
  5. A set of checkboxes for weekdays will appear. Select the weekdays your event repeats on.
screenshot pointing out buttons for recurring weekday selection on calendar event form

Where do I attach my event flyer?

  • Do not attach flyers in the “image” section — it will be cropped into a square and too small to read
  • Attach flyers using the last “browse” button on the form. this will link the flyer to your event page for easy download
  • The image section should instead be used for a decorative image that will make your event stand out on the calendar event list
screenshot demonstrating what an event image looks like on the calendar

How do event types and tags work?

Event Types: these are broad categories for classifying your event. Ex: Workshop, Performance, Lecture. Event types are set generally for the whole district.

Event Tags: a more specific way to identify the organizer and audience for an event. Ex: STEM Center, Learning Communities, Transfer Center. You can request new tags be created for your groups.

Why is there a short description and a long description?

  • The short description appears on the full calendar event list, and the long description appears on your event's details page
  • The first image demonstrates where the short description will be placed. The second image demonstrates the usage of the long description.
  • The short description should briefly carry across the main point of your event so a user will click for more information
  • Example: Interested in learning more about cybersecurity? Attend our workshop for fun collaborative learning activities and a guest lecture from our resident experts!
screenshot demonstrating the short event description screenshot demonstrating the long event description

Can I add an event from here to my Outlook calendar?

  • Navigate to the event on the calendar website
  • Scroll to the bottom of the event information
  • Click the button labeled 'Add to Calendar'. This will download a calendar .ics file
  • Open the file, using the Outlook app. This will create an event with the event details that you can save on your calendar.
    • *If for any reason the event details are updated, the changes will not be reflected on your Outlook event.

Can I add a calendar from here to my Outlook calendar?

  • You can add calendars based on their event type (ex: Academic Calendar, Athletics, Important Dates, Workshops)
  • Navigate to your college event calendar. In the rightmost column, click the button labeled "Subscribe."
  • A menu will pop up displaying the different calendars you can add to your Outlook. Click "Copy Link" for the calendar you want to add.
  • Outlook Desktop App:
    • Navigate to Outlook Calendar, then click "Open Calendar" on the top bar.
    • In the dropdown, select "Add from internet." A pop-up box will appear for you to paste the calendar link.
    • You will be prompted again to confirm adding this calendar. Click 'Yes', and the calendar will be immediately added to your Outlook.
  • Outlook online:
    • Navigate to Outlook Calendar, then click "Add Calendar" on the left-column menu.
    • In the pop-up, select "Subscribe From Web" from the left-column menu, then paste the link in the textbox that appears.
    • Customize and click "import."

Step 1) Click Subscribe

screenshot demonstrating the location of the 'subscribe to calendar' button

Step 2) Click 'Copy Link' for the calendar you want

screenshot demonstrating the calendar feed links that appear upon clicking the subscribe button

Outlook Calendar On Desktop

Step 3) Click Open Calendar and select "Add from Internet"

screenshot demonstrating the menu option 'Open Calendar' on Outlook

Step 4) Paste calendar link & confirm.

screenshot demonstrating the pop-up window to add the calendar to Outlook screenshot demonstrating the pop-up window to add the calendar to Outlook

Outlook Calendar On Browser

Step 3) Click "Add Calendar"

screenshot demonstrating the location of the 'add calendar' button

Step 4) Select "Subscribe from Internet." Paste link, customize, and import.

screenshot demonstrating how to paste the link to subscribe