California College Promise Grant and Priority Registration Policy

The California College Promise Grant or CCPG is the new name for what was known formerly as the Board of Governors Fee Waiver or BOGFW.

The CCPG is available for eligible students at California community colleges and waives the $46 per semester unit enrollment fee at any community college throughout the state.  You must meet the minimum academic and progress standards to maintain eligibility.

Regulations went into effect beginning in the fall 2016 semester that impact student eligibility for the CCPG.  All 114 California Community Colleges are required under SB 1456 to implement these regulations and notify students who may be at risk of losing eligibility, regardless of whether or not they currently receive the CCPG. 

If your cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 and/ or you complete 50% or less of your attempted units for two consecutive primary terms (fall/spring semesters), you may lose CCPG eligibility.

Loss of CCPG

If you lose eligibility for the CCPG, there are a few ways that you can have it reinstated:

  • Improve your GPA or Course Completion measures to meet the academic and progress standards.
  • Not attend (“sit out”) any of the three colleges in the SMCCCD for two consecutive primary terms (fall/spring semesters)
  • Successful appeal regarding extenuating circumstances

Appealing loss of the CCPG

If you lose your CCPG, you may appeal at that time due to extenuating circumstances, including:

  • Verified accidents, illness or other circumstances beyond your control
  • Changes in economic situation
  • Evidence of inability to obtain essential support services
  • Special consideration factors for CalWORKs, EOPS, DSPS and veteran students
  • Disability accommodations not received in a timely manner

If you meet one of the extenuating circumstances to appeal, complete the Loss of Priority Registration and CCPG Appeal Form   and submit it with your narrative of your situation with supporting documentation and an approved Student Educational Plan to the Admissions and Records Office at your primary campus- College of San Mateo, Cañada College or Skyline College.