Financial Aid Policy & Conditions of Financial Aid Award

The Financial Aid Offices within the San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD) at College of San Mateo, Cañada College, and Skyline College expect all students who are receiving a federal and/or state financial aid award to read the information contained on this webpage. If you have questions, please contact your college’s financial aid office.

Financial Aid Award Payment Level Determination

All students awarded Federal or State financial aid funds that include Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), Direct Loans, Cal Grants and other associated awards will have their payment level at the time of disbursement determined by the number of units they are currently attending or scheduled to start within the next seven (7) days.

This means students enrolled in late starting classes may initially receive less funds than their enrolled units but will receive additional disbursements as those late starting classes begin.

Direct Loans will not be disbursed until the student is enrolled and attending at least six units of coursework required for their program of study.

Financial Aid Award Scheduled Disbursement Dates

Students awarded state and federal financial aid will see the scheduled disbursement dates for each awarded fund in WebSMART under the Financial Aid tab by award year. The dates shown are the earliest dates those funds are scheduled to disburse in the term. The actual date of disbursement may be later in the term based on the student’s enrollment status at the time of disbursement, a change in their Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), or other eligibility factors. Pell Grant and SEOG funds are scheduled to disburse twice each semester; the first disbursement at the beginning of the term and the second disbursement approximately the fourth week of the semester. Cal Grants are disbursed in a single disbursement approximately the fourth week of the semester and will be adjusted upwards if late starting classes increase award eligibility.  Direct loans are disbursed in two equal payments at the midpoint of the selected loan period.

The disbursement date is the date the colleges initiate the process of applying financial aid and scholarship funds to the student’s account.  The actual date funds are issued to students is called the refund date and it occurs after your funds are transferred to our third party disbursement servicer, BankMobile. This generally occurs within 3 business days after the disbursement.


Receiving Your Funds

Students with financial aid and scholarship awards have two options for receiving disbursement refunds with the new provider, BankMobile. For more information about BankMobile and your choices, visit this link:

Award Eligibility Assumptions and Expectations

  1. This financial aid award is made based upon your most current application information accepted by the institution.
    1. Subsequent changes to your application data may decrease or increase your eligibility.
    2. You will receive a revised award letter anytime your eligibility changes.
  2. Any current enrollment fees or other institutional fees will be deducted from your disbursement each semester.
    1. Other fees may be deducted if you provide authorization through WebSMART.
  3. If you need to withdraw from the college, you should check with the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawal.
    1. You may have to return a portion of the Financial Aid that you have received.
  4. Financial aid is awarded annually. You must reapply online each year on or after October1st.
    1. US citizens and eligible non-citizens apply at
    2.  For AB 540/DACA/U Visa apply at
  5. Awards shown are based on fulltime enrollment. Your actual amount depends on your enrollment level in eligible coursework.
    1. Students enrolled full time (12 or more units) receive a 100% of their scheduled award eligibility.
    2. Students enrolled three-quarter time (9-11.5 units) receive 75% of the scheduled award eligibility.
    3. Students enrolled halftime (6 – 8.5 units) receive 50% of the scheduled award eligibility.
    4. Students enrolled less than half time (less than 6 units) may receive limited Pell and are ineligible for Cal Grant, SEOG and Direct Loans.
  6. Federal and state aid payment level is based on student enrollment level at the time of disbursement.
    1. Students enrolled in late start classes may initially receive less funds than their enrolled units may but will receive additional disbursements as the late start class begins.
    2. Direct Loans will not be disbursed until the student is enrolled and attending at least six units of coursework required for their program of study.
  7. If you have been awarded Federal Work-Study, you will need to contact your college’s Financial Aid Office to complete any required paper work.
  8. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is reviewed at the beginning and at the end of every enrollment period.  SAP includes a minimum grade point average and pace to completion requirement as well as a maximum time frame limitation of 150% of the units required to complete the program of study.
    1. Students who fail to maintain SAP as defined and published by the college will be disqualified from receiving financial aid.
    2. Students disqualified from financial aid have the right to appeal their disqualification based on extenuating circumstances.
    3. Students who have attempted 90 units or more or those who have a prior degree will be required to appeal before their financial aid eligibility can be confirmed.
  9. Students who require additional funds to meet their educational expenses may request a Federal Direct Loan. Complete the Supplemental Direct Loan Form at