SMCCCD’s Strategic Plan follows a regular cycle of review and update:

  • Year 1: Comprehensive Plan Complete and Update
  • Year 2: Implementation, Review and Assessment
  • Year 3: Implementation, Mid-Term Review, and Assessment
  • Year 4: Implementation, Review and Assessment
  • Year 5: Plan Update, Review, and Assessment

In Year 5, a District Strategic Plan Steering Committee (DSPSC) will be formed to guide the process for update and revision of the District Strategic Plan. The DSPSC will meet regularly to review relevant information, both SMCCCD’s internal data and external environmental data, that inform the development of a new set of Strategic Goals and Districtwide Strategies.

Input on the revised Strategic Goals and Districtwide Strategies will be solicited from Academic and Classified Senates, as well as governance committees involved in local strategic planning and resource allocation at each of the three Colleges.