Facilities Manager Roles and Responsibilities


What are our FACILITIES MANAGERS responsible for?

Each of the colleges of the San Mateo County Community College District has a dedicated Facilities Manager. These individuals are responsible for operations, maintenance and repair of the buildings, grounds and utility infrastructure at Cañada College, College of San Mateo, and Skyline College. These systems include the building envelope (roofs and exterior walls), foundation systems, interior walls/floors/ceilings, heating/ventilating/air conditioning systems, electrical and illumination systems, access controls, vertical transportation systems, fire and life safety systems, energy management systems and automated building controls, plumbing systems, etc. The Facilities Managers are also responsible for the fleet of vehicles and equipment at each of their Colleges, which includes: over 90 vehicles, numerous driving lawnmowers, tractors, backhoes, frontloaders, topdressers, aerators, street sweepers, forklifts, pushmowers, edgecutters, hedgetrimmers, chainsaws, whackers, power tools including saws, drills, underground conduit locators, pipe cameras, pipe threaders, floor buffers, carpet shampooers, vacuum cleaners, and other miscellaneous equipment.

Daily Operations

Daily operations of the buildings and grounds is performed by the Campus Facilities Manager’s crew of technicians, including custodians, groundskeepers and maintenance engineers, together with Facilities Operation Technicians, student assistants and volunteers.

  • Daily custodial operations includes cleaning of over 3,058 distinct spaces, including classrooms, offices, restrooms, laboratories, stairways, corridors, closets, gymnasia, locker rooms, and lobbies. Custodial services ensure a safe, effective indoor environment, with good air quality and pleasing aesthetics. SMCCCD is committed to sustainability and utilizes green cleaning practices and solutions.  Custodial staff are cleaning technicians, trained in the safe and effective use of equipment and products that allows us to achieve Facilities Excellence in the indoor environment. 
  • Routine and special project work by Grounds staff ensures that the campuses are aesthetically pleasing, safe, and facilitate the instructional mission as well as community use. The vast knowledge and experience of our Groundskeepers in the areas of tree trimming, athletic field maintenance, irrigation, grounds equipment maintenance, proper pruning techniques, hardscape maintenance, pest control, roadway maintenance, and fire prevention allows us to achieve Facilities Excellence in the exterior environment.
  • One of the most critical activities that Engineering staff performs is preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance ensures that systems are in proper working order, and increases the service life of newly constructed or remodeled facilities. Engineering staff also provide reactive maintenance services, to ensure comfort and function both indoors and out.
  • Facilities Managers are key participants in disaster preparedness planning and exercises. In the event of large or small emergencies, the Facilities Managers and their crews have been trained to assist in evacuation of the premises, search and rescue, and assessment of the buildings for re-occupancy. Members of the Facilities Department have been certified as emergency response workers by the State Office of Emergency Services.  Each of our Colleges may be activated as an emergency shelter for the Red Cross.
  • The Facilities Managers are responsible for solid waste management at their Colleges. They developed and implemented the plan to reduce solid waste throughout, per the requirements of AB75 (now SB1016).  The Facilities Managers submit reports to the California Integrated Waste Management Division for waste diversion compliance in accordance with requirements.
  • The Colleges of the San Mateo County Community College District have been transformed through the first two phases of a $900+ Million Capital Improvement Program. The third and final phase of the Capital Improvement Program has yet to be funded. The Facilities Managers are key players in this capital program, not only by participating in design reviews, but also in ensuring that College operations continue through the disruptive nature of construction on an occupied campus, and by commissioning the buildings prior to occupancy.

Real and Human Assets Portfolio

The Facilities Managers of Campus Facilities at the San Mateo County Community College District are responsible for an impressive portfolio of real and human assets. This portfolio includes:

Exterior Environment

  • 3 campuses totaling 397 acres
  • Over 68 acres of maintained landscape areas
  • 7.6 miles of roadway
  • 10.6 acres of walkways and hardscapes 
  • 65 acres of paved parking lots, 8,280 parking spaces, with associated wheel stops, striping and pavement markings
  • 10 sports fields
  • 22 tennis courts
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Over 92 miles of underground pipeline (for communications, electric, gas, hot water, chilled water, joint trench, lighting, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, and water)
  • Over 3,000 exterior light fixtures
  • 6 entrance gates

Interior Environment

  • 87 buildings with over 1.6 million square feet
  • Additional structures, such as dugouts, storage sheds, bus stop shelters, etc.
  • 81 roofs, 560 exterior doors, 2,045 interior doors
  • 47 elevators
  • Over 576 pieces of mechanical equipment (air handlers, pumps, boilers, chillers, fans)
  • Over 19, 053 interior light fixtures
  • Over 242 restrooms (with multiple sinks, toilets, urinals in each)
  • Over 3,058 cleanable spaces

Human Resources

  • Over 125 Permanent, Full-Time Employees (Does not include Short-Term Employees, Student Assistants, Interns, and Volunteers)

Portfolio Value

The value of the real portfolio that the Facilities Managers of Campus Facilities are responsible for totals over $475 Million. This includes $420 million in site and building improvements and $55 million in contents, excluding land value. The value of annual payroll and operating budgets directly monitored by the Campus Facilities Managers is over $10 million.

The provision of safe campus facilities for the 26,000 students, 900 full-time faculty and staff, 900 part-time faculty and staff, and the casual visitors to our Colleges is paramount to our mission of ensuring a safe, effective, and inspiring physical environment that supports and enhances the instructional mission of the San Mateo County Community College District. We cannot assign a dollar value to this aspect of the tremendous responsibility entrusted to our Facilities Managers.

Facilities Excellence

Updated September 2014