Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your Username and G-number are sent along with the Welcome email to your personal email address.
  • If you could not find the Welcome email, visit Forgot Username page.

You can reset it by clicking the Forgot Password link on the mySMCCD portal login page. For more information, visit Reset Password tutorial page.

Yes, you can log in before you receive a student email ( account. The student email account is no longer needed to reset your password.
 You can unlock your account by resetting your password. A successful password reset will unlock your account.
If you are not automatically redirected to Canvas or do not see a link to Canvas, then please contact Canvas Support.
If you recently registered for classes and paid the fees for the new classes, please allow a minimum of 3 hours for our systems to populate your information. If your registered courses are not in Canvas after 24 hours, then please contact our Canvas Support.