How to Log in to Zoom

Before using Zoom, you will need to Download the Zoom client.


Zoom login uses mySMCCD Portal to authenticate your account. Therefore, logging into Zoom is the same as logging into mySMCCD Portal with the same credentials.

There are three ways to login to Zoom.


Way #1: Choosing Zoom icon in mySMCCD Portal after login

Note: If you do not see the Zoom icon in the Frequents tab, check in the mySMCCD: All Portal Apps tab.


mySMCCD Portal with Zoom icon highlighted


Way #2: Direct Sign in button from SMCCD Zoom page

Canvas Login landing page with Login button hightlighted



Way #3: Zoom application Sign In with SSO 

 1. Click Sign in With SSO on Zoom Application Startup Screen

Sign in with SSO button is highlighted on Zoom application


2. Enter smccd in the domain field and click continue button

Domain filled in as smccd in Zoom Sign in with SSO screen

3. The default internet browser will open to sign in into mySMCCD Login Portal. Follow How to log in mySMCCD Login Portal instruction.

mySMCCD Login screen

4. Once you have successfully signed in you will see "Open Zoom Meetings?" a browser notification withdow pop up. Click Open Zoom Meetings button to finish the login process on your device.

Open Zoom Meeting button highlighted on the Open Zoom Meeting? notification browser alert


5. Once you click open zoom meetings, the Zoom application will bring up home screen as followed.

Zoom application home screen



To minimize difficulty when joining meetings, please use the Zoom Test on any device to be sure that your audio and video are working properly.

Zoom Meeting Test