For BAPA 2022 we're still working hard to help local eligible students enjoy the full benefits of attending Bay Area Pathways Academy™! Scholarship support may cover up to a maximum of four (4) classes for children in need. Contact to learn more.  

BAPA Scholarship Application

Complete and submit our 2022 Scholarship Application  .

Contact by May 3rd to learn more. 

Important Information Before Applying

  • Scholarships are based on financial need and will be provided until scholarship funds are depleted.
  • Scholarships may provide funding for up to three classes. 
  • Completed applications will be reviewed after the deadline in the order they are received.
  • Priority will be given to applicants who have not been awarded scholarships before.
  • Receipt of a scholarship award does not guarantee the student his or her first choice of classes.
  • You may provide payment to secure your registration; and should you be awarded a scholarship, a refund will be processed.

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