We Stand Against Racism

Curriculum Work Group

Area of Focus

Supporting antiracist practices in our curriculum practices and facilitation on our campuses, fostering professional development opportunities for growth and personal reflection. Meeting colleagues where they are and encouraging commitment to antiracism.


Our purpose is to engage in critical inquiry of our current curriculum practices both inside and outside of the classroom to ensure that our curriculum practices become wholly antiracist. Critical examination of curriculum is important because the classroom is where students spend the most time​. Research calls for more faculty involvement and professional development on racial equity in classrooms to support student success (CUE, 2021). We believe that faculty, staff and campus leadership need to remediate cultures and practices to foster intellectual engagement and a sense of belonging​ for our students as progress toward racial justice. What is your sphere of influence? How can you foster racial equity in your work with students?

Curriculum Development Critical Action for Instructors​  
  • Course Outline of Record currency/relevance​
  • Syllabus Language​
  • Course materials & texts​
  • Scholarship (guest scholars, research talks, performances, workshops)​
  • Evaluation processes and procedures
  • Critical reflective practice​
  • Ownership of curriculum delivery and development​
  • Classroom Equity Data Inquiry​
  • Faculty choice of course materials (OER/ZTC)​
  • Approach to facilitation ​
  • Fostering community/belonging​

Current Projects

  • Focus groups for critical analysis of equity in action on campus
  • Examining the role of antiracism in current curriculum practices
  • Auditing current practices to assess games and areas for improvement
  • Supporting equity and antiracism education and engagement outside of the classroom

Think differently


  • Dr. Natalie Alizaga, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Cañada College
  • Dr. Malathi Iyengar, Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies, College of San Mateo
  • Dr. Nicole Porter, Interim Dean of Social Science/Creative Arts, Skyline College
  • Kristi Ridgway, Dean of Language Arts, College of San Mateo
  • Dr. Bianca Rowden-Quince, Instructional Designer, Skyline College
    Dr. Rebekah Sidman-Taveau, Professor of ESL, Cañada College
  • Mike Claire, Chancellor, SMCCCD

Get Involved

Interested in learning more about the work of the curriculum subcommittee? Reach out to our subgroup lead, Kristi Ridgway.