We Stand Against Racism

Antiracism Council Flex Day Activities

The Antiracism Council warmly invites you to explore presenations and activities that were presented during SMCCCD Flex Days. 

Flex Day - April 2021

During the April Flex Day, the Antiracism Council was introduced to our district community. The presenation included an introduction to the large group's work as well as specifics from each of the workgroups. 

SMCCCD Antiracism Council Introduction - Slides  

Antiracism Council Introduction  - Video 

Flex Day - August 2021

During the August Flex Day, the Antiracism Council highlighted the work of our EEO Workgroup and our Curriculum Workgroup by hosting two sessions. Session information can be found below.

Session A: Equity and the Game of Life: Welcome to IDEAL

Description: The SMCCCD Initiative in Diversity, Equity, Antiracism, and Leadership (IDEAL) Program is a comprehensive professional development training program created for SMCCCD Employees who are interested in the advancement of diversity, inclusion and equity in our colleges, district and community. The Program is designed to educate and inform district faculty, staff and administrators so that they are encouraged in their intercultural competence and are able to build the awareness, knowledge and skills necessary to create more inclusive campus and district spaces inside and outside of the classroom.

SMCCCD Equity Overview Video

Equity and the Game of Life - Slides  

Equity and the Game of Life: Welcome to IDEAL - Video

Session B: Curriculum is for Everyone. Where do you fit in? How will you contribute?


The District Council on Antiracism - Curriculum Work Group engaged with a broad representation from all three campuses including the district around curriculum needs, assessment, program planning and ways to sustain and enhance practices. Come learn about the key themes gleaned from our inquiry. Engage in dialogue around next steps for getting involved in the work of racial equity in curriculum practices. During this workshop, we’ll introduce a framework (Long Beach City College’s Eight Equity Precepts) for looking inward to examine racial equity precepts to inform your practice. Let’s roll up our sleeves and foster communication, collaboration, and resource sharing within the District to leverage strengths.

Curriculum is for everyone. Where do you fit in? How will you contribute? - Slides  

Curriculum is for Everyone - Video

Equity Precepts Overview  

Equity Precepts JAMBOARD

Flex Day - October 2021

The Initiative in Diversity, Equity, Equity, Antiracism and Leadership (IDEAL) Program is a comprehensive, Professional Development (PD) program. This presentation will cover topics intended to provide an overview of the IDEAL curriculum as well as provide a summary of what it means to engage in antiracism and equity work. Participants will learn about the IDEAL Program in detail, be provided with an overview of the foundational level courses including but not limited to: 1. Defining racism in higher education, 2. A historical overview of racism in America and 3. Raising our culture awareness.

Facilitated by: Dr. Oyame KenZoe Selassie-Okpe. Dr. Jeremiah Sims, & Diva Ward

The IDEAL Foundation to Start Antiracism & Equity Work - Slides