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San Mateo County—located on the Peninsula between San Francisco and the Silicon Valley— is a diverse county in terms of its population, demographics and business base. Although it ranks in the top 15 richest counties in the United States, there are pockets of very low income and formal education attainment. The County is home to many national and international hi-tech and biotech companies, including Oracle, Genentech, Salesforce, YouTube and Gilead Sciences. The San Mateo County Community College District serves more than 40,000 students each year, who come to our Colleges with varying levels of educational preparedness and educational goals.

In this context, the SMCCCD Strategic Plan is a demanding project. In order to develop a shared vision of the future that faculty, staff, students and the community understand and support, the District, through its participatory governance processes, has been working to develop an integrated strategic planning model. This model will incorporate and build upon five elements: the District’s Strategic Plan; the Facilities Master Plan; a coordinated institutional research component; a coordinated program review process; and an annual budget that is based upon the other four elements.


 San Mateo County Community College District's (SMCCCD) Strategic Plan Brochure