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On Monday, April 6, 2020, the District Academic Senate, in coordination with the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Planning, created the Task Force on Teaching and Learning (TTL). This task force was charged with facilitating the District's effort to respond to the COVID-19 campus closures, including drafting policies on issues related to academic and professional matters, coordinating professional development for remote learning, and making recommendations on other related topics.

On September 13, 2021  , the District Academic Senate formally made the District Teaching and Learning (DTL) an official standing committee of the Senate, with its faculty co-chair having a Senate vote.

Current Charge

The District Academic Senate's Standing Committee on Teaching and learning, or DTL, is comprised of broad representation and makes recommendations directly to the District Academic Senate. Membership always includes the District Academic Senate President, the District Curriculum Committee (DCC) Chair and the District's Distance Education Advisory (DEAC) Committee Chair, representation from all areas of instruction, and classified staff and administrators as needed. It is reformed at the start of each academic year.

DTL is tasked with addressing ongoing concerns with respect to teaching and learning, in keeping with ASCCC's 10+1 rights of faculty. There is strong collaboration with the District DEAC and DCC, and recommendations and guidances are formulated collaboratively across these groups. All recommendations and guidance documents are reviewed and voted on by the District Academic Senate.



  • Sarah Harmon, Spanish/Linguistics, OER/ZTC Coordinator (Cañada)
  • Aaron McVean, Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Planning (District Office)


  • Kate Williams Browne, District Academic Senate President, Education/Child Development (Skyline)
  • Chris Collins, District DEAC Chair, DE Coordinator, History (Skyline)
  • Jessica Hurless, District Curriculum Chair, Communications (Skyline)
  • Bianca Rowden-Quince (Skyline), July Benítez and Jennifer Howze-Owens (CSM), Instructional Designers
  • Susan Khan, Professional Development Faculty Coordinator (CSM)
  • Ame Maloney, Library (Skyline)
  • Michael Limm, Science/Technology Faculty, Biology (Cañada)
  • Humanities and Social Science Faculty ()
  • Business/CTE Faculty ()
  • Counseling Faculty ()

Classified Staff

  • Allison Hughes, Instructional Technologist (Cañada)


  • Vinicio López, Vice President of Instruction (Skyline)
  • Chris Smith, ITS (District Office)

Agendas and Notes

DTL meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month (as needed), 4-5pm. The Zoom link is sent out to members and others invited to the meeting to work with us on specific topics.

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Agendas and Notes from previous academic years are archived.

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