District Senate Projects and Pilot Studies

Current Work

I. Policies for Establishing Equivalency to Min. Quals. 

II. Policies for Hiring and Evaluating Temporary Full-time Faculty

III. Revisions to Professional Development Policies and Procedures

IV. Review of Evaluation Forms

    • Status Summer 2019: Proposed revisions to the following forms have been provided to the AFT for negotiation; the DAS is awaiting  confirmation from the AFT that the forms have been received and will proceed to negotiation.
      • Revisions to the Librarian and Counseling forms were provided to the EC on May 23, 2019.
      • Revisions to the Classroom Observation form (face-to-face classes) was provided to the EC on June 15, 2018
    • Click here to see the proposed revisions:
    • Feedback from surveys 2016 to 2017  

DAS Reports


Completed Work