Past Presidents

Past San Mateo County Community College District Academic Senate Governing Council Presidents

Name Discipline Years of Service College
Kate Williams Browne Education/Child Development 2021-present Skyline College
Jeramy Wallace English 2019-2021 College of San Mateo
Leigh Anne Shaw English for Speakers of Other Languages 2016-2019 Skyline College
Diana Bennett Digital Media 2010-2016 College of San Mateo
Fermin Irigoyen Speech Spr 2011 Skyline College
Ray Hernandez Respiratory Therapy Fall 2010 Skyline College
Patty Dilko Early Childhood Education 07-10 Cañada College
Nick Kapp Biology 05-07 Skyline College
Connie Beringer English 03-05 Skyline College
Richard Claire Accounting 02-03 Cañada College
Kate Motoyama Speech and Communications 00-02 College of San Mateo
Gerald Messner English 94-95 Cañada College
Donna Bestock Philosophy 92-94 Skyline College
Gerald Messner English 91-92 Cañada College
Ken Kennedy Political Science 90-91 College of San Mateo
Michael Bucher Biology 88-90 College of San Mateo
Paula Anderson Psychology 86-88 Skyline College
Bob Kowerski Math/Science 85-86 College of San Mateo
Jane Weidman English 84-85 Cañada College
Eileen Lewis Chemistry 82-84 Skyline College
Susan Petit Foreign Languages 81-82 College of San Mateo