As part of San Mateo County Community College District, Transcript Evaluation Service (TES) provides students at Cañada College, College of San Mateo and Skyline College an official evaluation of coursework completed at colleges and universities outside our district.

Our office is here to support you in getting your transcripts evaluated and applied to your Program of Study so that you are graduate and transfer in the most efficient way we can. Please keep in mind that each evaluation may vary in length and research time. Therefore, the time to complete an evaluation can vary drastically. TES continually receives large number of requests and evaluations often take many months to complete. If you have questions regarding your coursework while an evaluation is pending, we highly suggest meeting with your academic counselor first.

Coursework from independent or out-of-state colleges/universities, or predating available catalogs, may require students to provide course descriptions, syllabi or additional catalog information which may increase completion time for an evaluation. Students are notified by email if this is necessary.

TES is not for students that have recently graduated high school. Please send high school transcripts to your respective Admissions & Records office(s).

TES is not for students who completed all coursework within SMCCCD. Use Degree Works™ to view your SMCCCD coursework and its application to various educational goals.

TES does not issue transcripts or diplomas. Students can use WebSMART to request unofficial and official transcripts of their coursework from Cañada College, College of San Mateo and/or Skyline College. Regarding diplomas, please refer to your Admissions & Records office for more information.

TES does not prevent you from registering for classes. If you took pre-requisites outside of the San Mateo district that can apply to a class you plan on taking, please visit or contact your Admissions & Records office so that they can provide you the electronic pre-requisite challenge form so that you are enabled to register. TES is mainly for your graduation/transfer progress.

Allow up to 6 weeks for transcripts to be loaded to your file. If you already sent in your transcript via Parchment or mail, it is recommended that you do not send multiple emails asking if it was received. We receive a large amount of transcripts daily and it may not be loaded immediately. Note all non-graduating/transfering students have a minimum of 6 months before a completed evaluation. Contact your academic counselor for more questions regarding coursework.