Military Service Credit

Military Service Credit 2023-24

San Mateo County Community College District will award credit for completion of basic military training. Other official documentation verifying basic training may be considered in awarding military service credit. Qualifying students are:  

  • Exempted from the associate degree physical education requirement;
  • Awarded 3 units of credit for the associate degree general education Area E (Lifelong Learning & Self-Development) at Skyline College and Cañada College; and Area E5D (Career Exploration & Self Development) at College of San Mateo; or
  • Awarded 3 units of credit for California State University Area E (Lifelong Understanding & Self-Development) General Education Breadth requirement.
  • Additionally, students will be awarded six units of associate degree applicable elective credit.


  • In the first semester of attendance, eligible students must submit a Joint Services Transcript (JST), or other official documentation verifying Basic Training (BP 6.18). All students with a Joint Services Transcript must request an official copy from the Joint Services Transcript website to be sent to your SMCCD home college. Students can view their Transcript Evaluation Success Plan and check for updates, by logging into mySMCCCD Student Portal and selecting “Student Success Link”. 
  • Students intending to transfer to a four-year college or university should consult with their college counselor to determine how basic military training (boot camp) may be applied toward transfer admission credit.
  • Credit earned for prior learning will be clearly identified in the student's academic record, and these units will not be counted in determining the 12-unit residency requirement for the associate degree. (Title 5: 55050)